Subject: IGB200 - Game Studio 2: Applied Game Development (2017)


Game name: Super Box Position

Team size: 4


Platforms: PC

Genre: Local multiplayer couch game


Role(s): Designer, Concept Artist


Time spent on project: ~3 months


Game engine: Unity

Other tools used: Adobe Photoshop





As a Designer for Super Box Position I worked on:

  • Designing and implementing the Free-For-All level

  • Designing and implementing the Race level

  • The ability to pick up boxes and throw them in Free-For-All, giving a point if it hits a player

  • Conducting playtest sessions and collecting feedback data


Concept Art

To better inform the 3D modeller, I created concept art for various aspects of the game:

  • Player model

  • Weapons

  • Level environment

  • Pillars

  • Boxes

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