Subject: IGB400 - Game Studio 3: Game Innovation (2018)


Project name: Horror in VR

Team size: 5


Platforms: PC, VR

Genre: Horror/thriller


Role(s): Lead Game Designer


Time spent on project: ~2 months


Game engine: Unity

Other tools used: Affinity Photo, Sourcetree




'Horror in VR' was a unique project apart of the Game Innovation subject during my final year of University. The brief initially called for members to construct, organise, and conduct a games research experiment looking at the difference in player experience between control and display types. A horror game was to be used to elicit a psychophysiological response in participants.


However, due to time constraints and a lengthy ethical approval time, the brief was changed. Instead, we created a research game that we would have used for our experiment.


The Sewer is a game designed for research experiments. While it could be used for other studies, it was primarily made for those looking at the impact varying controls and displays have on the player experience.


The following are the various control and display combinations:

  1. Traditional controls (keyboard & mouse) with a traditional display (computer monitor)

  2. VR controls with a traditional display

  3. Traditional controls with a VR headset

  4. VR controls with a VR headset




Game Design

As the Lead Game Designer for this project, I worked on:​​

  • Game events and flow

  • Level design and trigger events layout

  • Control schemes for each combination

  • Creating and updating a Game Design Document

  • Researcher game options

  • Research data output



Additionally, I created some art assets used in the game:

  • Phone display

  • "Keep quiet!" warning writing

View the Game Design Document:

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