Released: January 2019


Studio: Cedar Beast

Team size: 2-4


Platforms: Mobile (Android, iOS)

Genre: Casual, arcade, puzzle


Role(s): Producer, Artist, UX & Game Designer, Programmer


Time spent on project: ~1 year


Game engine: Unity

Other tools used: Affinity Photo, Spine, Sourcetree



Netherworld Indie Dev Night (November 2018)

QUT Orientation Week Games Showcase (February 2019)





I took upon the role of Producer for Toaster Toss. My main challenge was to drive the game's production while the team and I were completing our final year at University.


While considering that we were also working on our Capstone (final year) game, I managed the project by:

  • Planning development milestones/stages

  • Creating, prioritising and assigning tasks

  • Seeking and making opportunities for the game

  • Organising the game's release on multiple platforms



As the sole artist for the game, I designed and created:

  • Playable items based on a level theme

  • Level backgrounds

  • Power-ups

  • The user interface (UI)

  • Custom font (excluding the Korean font)

  • Marketing material



I assisted in the design of the game. I worked on:

  • An initial prototype featuring the core mechanic

  • Random coin spawning

  • The 'bumper bars' power-up

  • Dynamic difficulty adjustment

  • Redesign of the progression system



I created the initial prototype of the game, then went on to continue programming the game until a dedicated programmer joined the team. Afterwards, I still assisted with developing UI and other varies aspects of the game. Throughout development, I worked on:

  • Initial bounce mechanic and scoring system (later reworked)

  • The user interface (UI)

  • Ad integration

  • Language support (English, French, Dutch, German, and Korean)

  • Current progression system

  • Gameplay and UI analytics

  • Daily reward check using an online clock

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