I've been drawing as far back as I can remember. Over time, simple pictures on paper evolved into more traditional artworks, and again into digital art, graphics and animation. However, to my surprise, programming came almost as naturally as art. Throughout university, I came to realised I excelled the most by having a balance between creative and analytical thinking.

For me, User Interface Design and User Experience Design are that balance: Solving problems through design and creating intuitive interfaces that engage users.

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Freelance Digital Artist

Freelance, Internationally (remotely)

2012 - Present

Working with customers worldwide to create digital works according to their specifications. Developing and creating logos, character designs, promotional works, concept art, and user interfaces. Managing deadlines and priorities.

Co-Founder, Artist and Designer

Cedar Beast, Brisbane, Australia

April 2018 - March 2019

Managed the development and release of a mobile game, Toaster Toss. Created visuals as well as marketing materials for the game. Assisted with many aspects of Game Design and Programming (in C#).

Digital Artist

Isles Softworks, Bristol, United Kingdom (remotely)

October 2016 - September 2017

Worked closely with an international, multidisciplinary team to create engaging content for various online communities, including successful gaming servers and YouTubers.
Collaborated with a team of fifteen, as the sole artist, to create assets such as logos, backgrounds, icons, and character designs according to project briefs. Managed tasks using Trello and JIRA. Effectively communicated with an international team, from the United Kingdom and North America, through Slack.



 - Unity

 - Adobe Creative Cloud

 - Adobe XD

 - Affinity Photo (Photoshop alternative)

 - Affinity Designer (Illustrator alternative)

 - Spine (2D animation)

 - C# programming

 - Git services (Bitbucket, Sourcetree)

 - JIRA, Trello, HacknPlan

 - Microsoft Office and Google Suite


 - User Experience

 - User Interface

 - Game design

 - Level design

 - Graphic design


 - English - Native language

 - French - ILR Level 1
Elementary proficiency
(and learning)​


Bachelor of Games and Interactive Environments (Game Design)

Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Brisbane, Australia

 - Major of Game Design

 - Minor of Software Technologies

 - Final year project: Arque Skies

 - Secretary - QUT Game Development Club (December 2017 - 2018)

 - Treasurer - QUT Taekwondo (July 2017 - November 2018)

 - Admin - QUT Surfers (July 2018 - December 2018)

Queensland Certificate of Education (2015)

Toowoomba Grammar School, Toowoomba, Australia

Knox Grammar School, Sydney, Australia

Achievements in Games

BNE Game Awards Nominee - Brisbane Game of the Year 2018

Brisbane Byte, Brisbane, Australia

Arque Skies was nominated as Brisbane Game of the Year in the BNE Game Awards.


BNE Game Awards Nominee - PC Game of the Year 2018

Brisbane Byte, Brisbane, Australia

Arque Skies was nominated as PC Game of the Year in the BNE Game Awards.

GCAP Student Showcase 2018

Games Connect Asia Pacific, Melbourne, Australia

Arque Skies was 1 of 6 Australian student games selected to showcase at the yearly game development conference.

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